Ten-24 Foundation

Ten-24 Foundation was founded in 2012 following a line of duty, life-threatening injury suffered by a Putnam County Sheriff's Deputy.  Jeff Hardy, the Sheriff at the time, along with others in the law enforcement community and Putnam County saw a need to assist this deputy and soon realized that many times law enforcement families and agencies have needs that may be unmet.  From this, Ten-24 Foundation was created!

Today, Ten-24 Foundation continues to assist law enforcement agencies, employees, and their families within Putnam County.  The Foundation is fortunate to have a Board of Directors comprised of both current and past law enforcement officers, representatives from within Putnam County Law Enforcement Agencies, and business and community representatives.  Most impressive is that several Ten-24 Foundation Charter Board Members continue to serve on the Board of Directors!

What does Ten-24 mean?

The law enforcement ten code "10-24" in Putnam County means "Officer in trouble-Send help" which is exactly what Ten-24 Foundation does-sends financial help to law enforcement agencies, employees, and their families during times of need.

Mission Statement

Ten-24 Foundation is a non-profit organization focusing on providing a support network for all Putnam County law enforcement agencies, employees, and their families. 

(Pictured: Ten-24 Foundation Board of Directors)