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Ten-24 is radio code for “Officer is in an emergency situation and needs help immediately!"

The Putnam County Law Enforcement Benefit Foundation, Inc., d/b/a Ten-24 Foundation is a non-profit organization focusing on providing a support network for all Putnam County law enforcement agencies, their employees, and families. We will accomplish this by soliciting contributions and providing financial support for various events and situations that would otherwise go unfunded. These include but are not limited to: provide financial support for Putnam County law enforcement officers and their families in time of need; provide equipment and financial support for the benefit of Putnam County law enforcement agencies; provide financial support for events for Putnam County law enforcement agencies officers and their families.


Law enforcement professionals protect our community sometimes at the cost of their own lives or well-being. When an officer falls, on duty or off duty, the whole community is affected. All Monies raised by the Foundation are used toward the furtherance of the Foundation’s objectives mentioned in the Mission Statement. All donors will receive a charitable donation receipt for their tax records. No members of the Board of Directors or Officers of the Ten-24 Foundation receive any compensation for their service.

EIN: 45-2976562